What Are Some Friendly Cat Breeds?


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According to Catster, purebred cat breeds known for being friendly include the Burmese, the Abyssinian and the Ragdoll. These three breeds are all recognized for their friendly, social personalities and are good choices for a family pet.

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The Burmese is an extremely people-oriented breed. They are friendly and playful and carry a kitten-like disposition into adulthood. They are also noted for displaying some dog-like traits including an ability to learn and play fetch.

The Abyssinian is another breed of cat that enjoys immensely the company of people. It's a very friendly and social breed and enjoys being involved with whatever its owners are doing. Abyssinians are said to be extremely intelligent and are noted for being one of the most loyal breeds of cat.

The Ragdoll breed of cat is known as a gentle giant. One of the largest breeds of cat, Ragdolls are friendly and relaxed cats. In fact, they are mild-mannered enough to be the perfect cat for small children. Their name comes from the fact that, like a child's rag doll, these cats go completely limp when they are picked up. Not as active as either the Burmese or the Abyssinian, this breed of cat is known for its patient and tolerant attitude.

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