What Do Freshwater Shrimp Eat?


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The diet of a freshwater shrimp depends on the species, as the different species have different feeding requirements. Generally, shrimp are scavengers and eat nearly anything.

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What Do Freshwater Shrimp Eat?
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Shrimp that are in the Neocaridina or Carindina families typically need a greener diet of algae, frozen collard greens or kale and Spirulina tablets. The pearl shrimp lives among the substrate and needs a meatier diet, which is usually accomplished with tablets and flakes.

Some of the larger species of shrimp require greater meat sources, such as bloodworms and small feeder fish. Atya shrimp eat small particles of food that they find in the water, so they can be fed crushed flakes and enriched Artemia naupili.

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