What Are Some Freshwater Fish in Florida?


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The American Shad, the Bluegill, the Chain Pickerel and the Florida Gar are a few of the many freshwater fish found in Florida's waters. Florida is also home to several types of catfish including the Brown Bullhead, the Channel Catfish, the Flathead Catfish, the White Catfish and the Blue Catfish. Florida has several species of sunfish as well.

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Catfish are found throughout Florida. They prefer the state's warm, muddy waters and eat a variety of prey including crustaceans, insect larvae and freshwater clams. Many are also scavengers. Catfish are good game fish and are delicious to eat. They lack scales and have smooth bodies and whisker-like barbels around their mouths. These barbels give catfish their name because they look similar to whiskers. Spines in the dorsal and pectoral fins might be venomous, so these fish need to be handled with care.

Bass are sought-after game fish that belong to the sunfish family. They all have a single, spiny dorsal fin, and the males guard the eggs and young. Sunfish are smaller than bass. They are easy to catch but so small that some fishermen use them as bait. The Florida Gar has a swim bladder that also functions like a lung to supplement the oxygen brought in through the gills.

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