Are Foxes Related to Cats?

Are Foxes Related to Cats?

Foxes are sometimes mistakenly identified as members of the cat family because of their feline-like characteristics and behaviors, but they are part of the Canidae family, which is comprised of dogs, wolves and jackals. A person can recognize a fox by its bushy tail, slender legs and pointed nose.

Adult foxes reach about the same size as medium-sized dogs. However, the size depends on the specific species. The animals are light on their feet and usually weigh around 25 pounds.

Like other dog-related species, foxes live in packs that include mothers, siblings and mates. They hunt at night and sleep during the day. They have exceptional eyesight and run fast to efficiently hunt prey and dodge predators.

Foxes live in areas where they can easily hide, such as forests or grasslands. They create burrows in the ground for their homes and nesting areas, which give them cool and safe places to reside. The burrows also protect pups and are used to store food.

Foxes are omnivores and often eat small animals, fruits, berries and bugs. Those that live near the water eat fish or crabs, and those living near areas inhabited by humans often forage through trash cans when the food supply is low.