Is a Fox an Omnivore?

Foxes are omnivores, since they eat both meat and vegetation. The fox generally feeds on small game, rabbits, birds and rodents, but they allow for flexibility within their habitats, eating vegetables and fruits, frogs, worms and even fish; moreover, if a fox is living near humans, it will sometimes take the opportunity to eat pet food or garbage if left uncovered.

The red fox is found around the globe in an array of habitats, from the mountains and forests to grasslands and deserts. The fox is capable of adaption to human environments, including suburban areas, large communities and farms. It is a resourceful animal that is both cunning and intelligent.

Notably, the red fox is a solitary hunter that uses its thick tail as a signal flag that allows for communication with other foxes. The fox's tail is known as its brush, and it also uses it for balance.

Foxes meet in winter to mate, with the female fox, which is known as a vixen, giving birth to as many as 12 pups at once. The red fox pup is born with gray or red fur, but its red coat grows in within the first month. However, some foxes are a black, silver, reddish brown or golden color.