What Are Four Ways to Throw a Birthday Party for Your Dog?

Four ways to throw a birthday party for a dog include hosting a special dog park play date, inviting dog friends over for treats, having a dog costume parade and throwing a dog "Bark Mitzvah" with Jewish decorations. A dog dinner party and a puppy cocktail party are good ideas for a dog birthday that includes both non-dog owners and dog owners.

Serve a liver cake or dog treat-flavored snow cones to dog guests while human guests eat typical party food. Games can include Frisbee, tug-of-war and catching a ball. Provide dogs with plenty of water, and give bags of dog treats as goody bags. Use sturdy, separate bowls to keep dogs from being aggressive.

When hosting a dog birthday party, keep the number of dogs to a minimum to avoid conflict and confusion. Including no more than 10 dogs is a good rule of thumb. Send dog-shaped invitations, and ask guests about any dog dietary restrictions. Ask that small children who fear dogs remain at home and that aggressive dogs not attend to avoid scaring either party. Keep the dogs safely enclosed in an area such as a home or a fenced-in park so they can freely run and enjoy each other's company.