What Are Some Four-Footed Animals?


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According to Princeton University, four-footed animals, also referred to as quadrupeds, are usually either mammals or reptiles. Cats are examples of four-footed mammals, and lizards are one type of reptile that have four feet. Cats and lizards have claws on their feet. These vertebrates use their claws and feet for different reasons.

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A cat’s foot is also called a paw. A cat’s front paws normally have four toes with a dewclaw. A dewclaw is a toe that is too small to touch the ground. The back paws only have four toes. Cat owners may notice the retraction of their cat's claws when their pet kneads. Kneading is a rhythmic motion that cats make with their paws on pliable objects, such as their owner's lap. When cats knead before a nap, they are making their sleeping spot more comfortable. Cats also use their claws to scratch. Cats scratch to exercise, to mark their territories and to groom themselves.

Lizards also have specialized feet. Arboreal lizards, such as chameleons and anoles, have huge feet and big toes. They have curved claws that help them climb trees. Chameleon feet are divided into two main fingers by a soft pad. The sharp claws on these fingers are perfect for grasping rough tree bark.

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