What Foods Should Not Be Fed to Chinchillas?

What Foods Should Not Be Fed to Chinchillas?

Chinchillas should never eat chocolate or any foods containing animal products, according to Chinchilla Chronicles. Vegetables are also dangerous, because they can cause a dangerous condition called bloat.

Chinchillas naturally eat a diet that is high in fiber, according to About.com. Their digestive systems are also very sensitive, so owners should introduce any new foods gradually and in small amounts.

Commercial chinchilla treats are usually too high in fat and sugar to be safe, as reported by About.com. Raisins and other dried fruit can be acceptable in small amounts. Owners can even cut raisins into smaller pieces to get the most out of them. Chinchillas should not eat more than four raisins in a week.

Treats that contain high levels of protein are also dangerous, as noted by Chinchilla Chronicles. If protein makes up more than 20 percent of the chinchilla's diet, it can cause liver damage. Corn is known to cause bloat so owners should avoid it.

Chinchillas enjoy chewing on wood, so that can be a good treat for them. However, sticks that have been treated with pesticides or other dangerous chemicals can poison a chinchilla, according to Chinchilla Chronicles. Some types of wood are also dangerous, including wood from citrus trees or fruits with a stone, oak, sandalwood and cedar.