What are some foods that are safe to feed to squirrels?


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Acorns, hazelnuts, pinecones and vegetables are some foods that are safe to feed to squirrels. Squirrels also eat fruits, such as apples, watermelon, peas and grapes, but provide them in moderation; fruits can hinder the squirrel's ability to absorb calcium. Flying squirrels, however, thrive on and require a diet rich in fruits for their digestive tracts to function properly.

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Squirrels can safely consume a nutritious wild diet consisting of nuts, edible fungi and green vegetables. They can also eat edible flowers and eggs. The key to feeding wild squirrels is to provide them food that matches their wild counterparts.

Squirrels in captivity are usually given rodent blocks, a premade food designed for small animals such as squirrels, mice, hamsters and guinea pigs. Most squirrels, however, usually prefer other food than healthy rodent blocks. If possible, introduce the blocks to the animal at a young age. Not providing any other food option also leaves squirrels no other choice but to eat the blocks.

Squirrels are primarily herbivorous, but they can eat meat, insects, small birds and smaller rodents when hungry. Flying squirrels are more carnivorous than common tree squirrels. Captive flying squirrels may be fed mealworms as their main source of protein.

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