What Foods Are Poisonous to Dogs?


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Among the types of foods considered poisonous to dogs are chocolate, raw bread dough, fresh and dried grapes, macadamia nuts and onions. Alcohol and hops, certain types of mold in food and the non-caloric sweetener xylitol are also toxic to dogs.

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Chocolate contains theobromine, which is highly toxic to dogs. The darker the chocolate, the more toxic it is. Since raw bread dough contains yeast, it is toxic to dogs. After ingestion, the dough continues to rise and expand inside the digestive system, which can lead to breathing difficulties. Alcohol is released by live yeast and can cause alcohol poisoning or coma. Dogs are much more sensitive to alcohol, both grain alcohol and drinking alcohol, than humans

While some fruits are good for dogs to eat, grapes are not among them. Symptoms resulting from ingesting grapes or raisins include diarrhea, vomiting and kidney damage. Dogs that eat macadamia nuts often develop fever, tremors and problems with their rear legs. The onion family of vegetables, which includes garlic, scallions and shallots, can cause damage to a dog's red blood cells. Fresh or concentrated onions and garlic can cause chronic weakness or lethargy.

Xylitol, found in sugar free gum and baked products, causes a severe drop in blood sugar in dogs. This leads to severe liver damage.

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