What Foods Do Jaguars Usually Eat?


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Jaguar diets typically consist of deer, peccaries and tapir as well as turtles, caimans, fish, capybaras, snakes, porcupines and many other animals. Jaguars have been documented eating over 85 different animal species.

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What Foods Do Jaguars Usually Eat?
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Jaguars are carnivorous; they eat only meat. Unlike many other cat species, jaguars are unafraid of water and frequently hunt water-dwelling caimans, turtles and fish by climbing onto an overhanging limb and ambushing their prey from above. They are solitary hunters and eaters, preferring to drag their food to a cloistered place. Jaguars kill their prey either by a direct bite to the back of the head or by suffocation, using their jaws to clamp down on the animal's throat.

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