What Foods Do House Cats Eat?

House cats eat a mixture of wet and dry cat food that their owners present to them. It is best to ask a veterinarian about specific foods to fit a particular cat's needs.

Some cats eat only wet food, and some cats only dry food, depending on their dietary needs. Cats with digestive issues may prefer dry food, while wet food is ideal for cats with dental issues. Cats do prefer certain flavors and can go on an unhealthy hunger strike if they do not like a certain flavor. It is a good idea to do a taste test with the cat to ensure he likes the food.

Cats can also have certain types of human food, but in most cases, it is still best to check with a vet. Human foods that are safe for cats include vegetables, cheese, fish, eggs and meat. Milk is not healthy for cats. Other foods that cats should generally avoid include sugary foods, grapes, dog food, fat trimmings, dough with yeast and raw foods. Another food not good for a cat's stomach is canned tuna meant for human consumption. Some foods, such as chocolate and alcohol, are poisonous to cats and can actually cause a coma or death.