What Foods Can Hamsters Eat?


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Hamsters naturally feed on seeds, insect larvae and large insects like crickets. Commercial rations, such as compound pelleted rations, contain a special formulation that meets the nutritional needs of hamsters.

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Hamsters grow healthy when properly fed with quality processed food from pet stores. Their diet consists of a mixture of seeds and pellets. Hamsters that dislike anything but seeds should consume pellets with healthier formulations to properly obtain the nutrition they need.

Aside from seeds and pellets, hamsters also like to eat fresh food. To supplement processed commercial rations, owners can feed their hamsters with small amounts of green and cleaned root vegetables as well as small pieces of fruits like apples. Spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots are some of the vegetables recommended for hamsters. Consumption of fruits should be regulated due to their high sugar content. Grapes and rhubarb, which are harmful to rodents, should not be given to hamsters.

As hamsters’ teeth grow continuously, it’s essential to give the animals hard treats like a tree branch or a tiny dog biscuit to prevent their teeth from growing too long. One hard treat per week is advised to keep the teeth at a comfortable length.

Hamsters are fond of hoarding food, so it’s important to establish a regular eating regimen and healthy portion control. They need to eat the same amount of food at the same period daily. Moreover, they should always have access to clean water.

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