What Foods Do Brown Basilisk Lizards Eat?


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Brown basilisk lizards primarily eat insects, though those living in the wild will also eat fallen berries. Captive brown basilisk lizards prefer crickets, but they also eat mealworms, wax worms, grasshoppers, spiders and pinkie mice.

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Brown basilisk lizards need to eat live food. According to Anapsid.com, captive lizards should consume vitamin supplement powder and calcium supplement powder containing vitamin D3 once a week. The crickets or other insects that serve as food should be "gut loaded" before being fed to the lizards, which means that the insects should be fed carotene-rich foods, such as carrots and oranges, as well as rolled oats. This allows basilisk lizards to benefit from the nutrients found in these insects.

In the wild, brown basilisk lizards are omnivorous, though they eat more animal prey; their diet consists of approximately 78 percent animals and 22 percent vegetation. Adult basilisk lizards eat arthropods, small mammals, small birds, snakes, lizards, freshwater shrimp and frogs. They also eat flowers and fruits. Juvenile brown basilisk lizards rely more on insects and small fish. Older basilisk lizards are more herbivorous.

Brown basilisk lizards are tropical in nature, so they require a regular supply of fresh water that's deep enough for them to fully submerge themselves. They also require a humid environment.

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