What foods do ants eat?


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Ants eat little insects that are alive or dead, honey dew, nectar and will eat sweets like sugar, syrup and jelly. Ants need both protein and carbohydrates to function.

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Ants live in soil, and some ants live in wood or plant cavities. The ant is hunted by many species including lizards, spiders, toads, assassin bugs, bird, bats and even people. When the ants are larvae, they will have a white appearance and look worm-like without any appendages. They need to grow older before they take on the brown or black color that most people are used to seeing. Most of the male ants in the species will have tiny heads and large eyes. These males will die soon after they mate. All worker ants are females, and the queen is also female.

Many people are unaware of the social behaviors that ants have. Ants take care of their young by washing them, feeding them, sharing with them and communicating with them. Ants warn one another of danger and tell one another where food can be found. They have a primarily positive impact on the Earth's ecosystem because they consume seeds and then disperse them. They also help to aerate soil much like earthworms. However, ants can have negative impacts for human farm crops, and can become pests if they get indoors.

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