What Food Does a Sulcata Tortoise Diet Include?


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Foods in a sulcata tortoise's diet are leaves and grasses, including grasses that grow on lawns, according to Reptiles Magazine. The tortoise also eats grape, hibiscus and mulberry leaves and flowers. Older tortoises eat hay.

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Because baby sulcata tortoises' jaws aren't as strong as the adults' jaws, they do best with more tender leaves such as those found in spring salad mixes. They can eat kale and other dark, leafy greens as well. Cactus pads and dandelion greens are also parts of the diet of the sulcata tortoise, notes Animal-World. The trick to keeping the tortoise healthy is to make sure its diet varies. Sulcata tortoises must eat from trays or clean, flat surfaces to prevent them from eating rocks or grit, explains Reptiles Magazine.

Once in a while, it is a good idea to sprinkle a bit of calcium over the animal's salad, reports Animal-World. Owners should feed their tortoises fruits only rarely or keep them out of the diet altogether. A slice of apple or melon during the summer months is acceptable. Sulcata tortoises should also not eat food meant for dogs or cats.

These tortoises need fresh water during the hotter times of the year, but they drink less water when the weather is cool, notes Reptiles Magazine. An owner should change a tortoise's water bowl regularly.

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