What Is the Best Food for a Pet Tortoise?

food-pet-tortoise Credit: Sri Maiava Rusden/Perspectives/Getty Images

Since tortoises are carnivores in the wild, live food is the best nutrition for them as a pet, according to Tortoise.com. Typical pet owners mistakenly believe vegetation is best, but turtles much prefer the worms, snails and plethora of bugs that they eat in their natural habitats.

Tortoise.com notes that the best snails for tortoises are still alive and haven't been exposed to pesticides. Large, healthy worms are one of the best and most affordable foods for a pet tortoise. An adult tortoise can eat as many as 12 to 15 worms per feeding. A pet store or bait shop sells bulk worms at reasonable prices. Fruits, like bananas and strawberries, and fresh green plants are good foods as well.