How Do You Follow Waterfowl Migration?


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The best way to follow waterfowl migration patterns is to determine the location and type of waterfowl and access a migration map online from the state's website. Waterfowl migration reports indicate the abundance and progression of the migration as determined by data compiled from previous years. Some state websites like the Missouri Department of Conservation utilize GPS transmitters to help better determine the migration behavior of mallards.

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In order to follow waterfowl migration:

  1. Find an area migration map
  2. Migration maps for different types of waterfowl are available online usually from a state resource such as the Department of Conservation or Parks and Recreation. Other less localized migration reports can also be found at websites like Ducks Unlimited.

  3. Find a mobile migration map
  4. Mobile migration maps like the application Ducks Unlimited are available to download for free on a smart phone or tablet. The application offers users access to real-time migration reports, flight observations and options to submit reports and observations throughout the U.S. and Canada. It can be customized to filter information based on the waterfowl type, the desired or current location and date or flyway. The application also offers additional features for hunters like audio and visual descriptions for waterfowl species, season and bag limits by state, maps and a sunrise/sunset calculator.

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