What Are Some Fluffy Cat Breeds?


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Fluffy cat breeds include the Persian, Himalayan and LaPerm. Persian cats may be the earliest breed of cats. Himalayans are a cross between Persian and Siamese cats. The LaPerm cat was first bred in the United States in 1982.

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Persian cats may have existed for 1,000 years and were first brought to Europe roughly 400 years ago. They have short bodies and appendages with flat faces. Persian cats sport different fur colors, and they have large eyes. They may spend several hours at a time maintaining their fur.

Himalayan cats were bred in the United States and Britain, and they were recognized as an official breed in 1955. Himalayans differ from Persian cats in that they have patterns on the ears, legs, face and tail that are a shade darker than their bodies. Breeders often cross-breed Himalayan cats with Persian cats to maintain Himalayan character traits. These cats need daily fur grooming to preserve the health of their coats.

LaPerm cats are very fluffy cats that are distinct because of their curly coats. Adults typically have wavy fur. Some are born bald, and others shed their kitten fur as they grow. These cats usually show their true coat colors in roughly a year. LaPerm coats need weekly maintenance, though they are a low-maintenance breed compared to other fluffy cats.

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