What Flowers Will Rabbits Not Eat?

Since a hungry rabbit eats anything, there are no truly rabbit-resistant plants. However, daffodils, daylilies and columbines are rarely nibbled by rabbits, says gardening expert Marie Iannotti for About.com. Popular plants like zinnias, marigolds and petunias also tend to not be eaten by rabbits.

Lilies, pansies, phlox and tulips are some of a rabbit's favorite foods. Rabbits also eat hostas and crocuses. In the spring, rabbits eat tender young shoots, and in the fall they nibble on bark. They prefer to eat young, tender plants, so focusing on protecting young shrubs and newly emerging plants is the best strategy for keeping rabbits from eating plants. Usually rabbits avoid plants with fuzzy leaves or strong fragrances.

The Homeowners Column from the University of Illinois Extension says that rabbit-resistant plant lists tend to vary a bit, perhaps because different rabbits have different preferences. Rabbits like to eat roses and young trees. Holly and rhododendrons, boxwood and vinca tend to not be devoured by rabbits.

The safest way to ensure flowers are not eaten by rabbits is to exclude rabbits with fences, says the Homeowners Column. Spraying the plants with repellents based on hot pepper sauce can prevent some rabbit damage. The presence of a large dog can also be effective in preventing rabbit damage to the garden.

According to Wikipedia, a young rabbit is referred to as a kit or kitten. A female rabbit is called a doe, and a male rabbit is known as a buck. Rabbits live in a broad variety of climates, including forests and deserts. The majority of the world's rabbit population is found in North America. On average, a rabbit's lifespan ranges between 9 to 12 years. Rabbits are most active around dawn and dusk. They often sleep with their eyes open to stay alert to any surrounding dangers. Rabbits are also kept as pets, often indoors. House rabbits are frequently kept in cages but are able to run and exercise indoors. Some house rabbits are even trained to use a litter box. Rabbit owners must gain their rabbits' trust because they sometimes become aggressive when worried.