What Flowers Are Not Eaten by Rabbits?


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Rabbits do not eat calendulas, chrysanthemums, columbines, four o?clocks, foxgloves, gladioli, hollyhocks, impatiens, irises, larkspurs, morning glories, nicotiana, snapdragons, sweet peas and verbena. They usually stay clear of primroses, hyacinths, pasque flowers, marigolds, amethyst flowers, Mexican sunflowers and many other annuals and perennials.

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Rabbits are voracious eaters, but they generally avoid strong-smelling plants; those that ooze excessive sap; prickly and spiny plants; and plants with extremely tough leaves. Aside from planting the flowers mentioned above, protect flowers from rabbits by sealing possible hiding spots and removing piles of debris from the garden. Installing a fence around the garden also helps if the horizontal section is buried at least 4 inches below the ground so rabbits cannot dig under it. Having pet dogs and cats roaming the garden also discourages rabbits.

To protect the types of flowers rabbits like to eat, put them in the center of a bed close to or against the house. Rabbits tend to nibble on flowers that are on the edge farthest away from buildings. Co-plant these species with plants that rabbits tend to avoid to create a buffer zone. The three species of rabbits that usually frequent gardens are jackrabbits, desert cottontails and brush rabbits.

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