What Does a Florida Skink Lizard Look Like?

Florida is home to multiple species of skink, but all of them share the same basic body plan of smooth bodies, disproportionately long tails and small, low legs. Some Florida species, such as the sand skink, appear very snake-like because their limbs are so tiny.

Florida's skink species include the sand skink, the ground skink, the broad-headed skink and the Florida Keys mole skink. Some species, such as the sand skink, only live in Florida.

Skinks are lizards, but they can resemble snakes due to their reduced limbs, long bodies and winding, serpentine motion. Species such as the sand skink have legs that are reduced to the point that they lack toes. Another skink with a distinctive appearance is the mole skink, which has shiny scales, burrowing behavior and a rapid, twisting gait.