What Is a Fixed Male Horse Called?


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A castrated stallion is called a gelding, referring to the process of the same name by which the horse's gonads are removed in order to level off its temperament and behavior. Geldings are generally gentler than stallions and it is most typical to geld horses while they are still colts, leaving their handlers with an animal easier and more predictable to raise and train.

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Gelding colts is also a reliable method of preventing them from breeding once they mature. If a colt shows unwanted physical traits or unmanageable behavior, it can be gelded to make sure that those traits and behaviors will not be given to a new generation once the colt matures.

Horses are usually quick to heal from the gelding procedure and should be exercised lightly as early as the day following their gelding. This helps them return to full health and work out the negative effects of the process such as fluid buildup in the inguinal canal.

When a horse is not gelded and is allowed to mature into a stallion, it will almost invariably become aggressive and more challenging to manage. Stallions can pose a serious threat to their riders and caretakers as well as to horses with whom they share running and grazing space.

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