How Do You Fix a Bird’s Broken Leg?

Eduardo Hulshof/CC-BY 2.0

To fix a bird’s broken leg, wrap the leg in several layers of medical tape, and leave the tape until the fracture sets. You need a pair of scissors, a roll of porous medical tape, a roll of waterproof medical tape and a curved hemostat.

  1. Remove the feathers around the leg

    If you are able to do so, pluck the feathers surrounding the broken leg. If you are not able to pluck the feathers, cut them instead.

  2. Apply layers of porous medical tape

    Place a 2-inch piece of porous medical tape on top of the bruised area so that the tape is perpendicular to the leg. Do not wrap the tape around the leg. Place a second piece of the same size on the other side of the leg. Apply several more layers, and make sure the layers cover above and below the fracture.

  3. Apply layers of waterproof medical tape

    Place several strips of waterproof medical tape over the layers of porous medical tape. Make sure the splint is stable.

  4. Shape the splint, and trim it with a pair of scissors

    Use a curved hemostat to shape a mold around the leg. Use the scissors to trim the splint on either side. Keep the splint clean and dry, and check the leg daily for swelling.