How Do You Fit a Husky Harness?

How Do You Fit a Husky Harness?

How Do You Fit a Husky Harness?

To fit a husky harness, check the webbing of the harness, the tug loop and whether any sections of the harness rub too closely on the dog's skin. The temperament of the dog also determines how to best fit a harness.

  1. Find the correct style

    Fit a husky with an x-back harness style if the husky pulls a sled on a team of high-energy dogs. Fit the dog with an h-back harness if it has a calm temperament or does not pull with other high-energy dogs.

  2. Take it off and on

    Test the harness by putting it on the dog, then taking it off. If this is difficult, the harness does not fit properly.

  3. Check the webbing

    Put the harness on the dog and gently tug on the webbing around the hips. Make sure the webbing is taut, but not too tight. Webbing that is pulled too tightly near the husky's hips is the sign of a poor fit.

  4. Test the tug line

    Pull the back of the harness line taut. Check that the tug loop extends behind the husky's tail.

  5. Put tension on the line

    Attach the tug loop to a line, and watch the husky pull against it. If the dog's gait is unnatural or the dog struggles to pull the line, the harness does not fit.