How Do You Fit a Cat Flap to Your Door?

How Do You Fit a Cat Flap to Your Door?

Fit a cat flap to a door by marking the position on the door with the template that comes with the flap. Drill a hole in the corners, saw out the flap portion of the door, sand the hole and attach the flap with screws and a drill.

  1. Gather your materials

    Purchase the appropriate cat door flap according to the height and width of your cat. Have a handsaw and drill ready, as well as a pencil and a vacuum cleaner.

  2. Mark the flap position

    Hold the template that comes with the door flap up to the door in the desired position. Use a pencil to draw a straight line all around the template.

  3. Drill the corners

    Use a drill to create holes in the corners of the door marks.

  4. Saw out the hole

    Insert the end of a small handsaw into one of the holes, and saw down the line to the other hole. Repeat this for each of the lines.

  5. Smooth out the hole

    Use sandpaper to smooth the edges of the hole, and clean up the sawdust with a vacuum cleaner.

  6. Attach the door flap

    Set the door flap on the hole, and use the drill to place screws into the frame and through the door.