What Does a Fisher Cat Habitat Include?


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Fisher cats prefer to live in coniferous forests although they have also been found in deciduous and mixed forests and some semi-forested areas, such as forested swamplands. They choose a habitat based on certain necessary features other than the type of vegetation that exists there. Their geographic range stretches from the Appalachian Mountains to the Sierra Nevada within the United States and into Quebec, Canada.

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Fisher cats, also known as fishers, prefer to live in closed-canopy forests with high canopies. Fir, spruce cedar and some hardwoods are among the trees that fisher cats prefer in their habitats. They like to live in areas with many hollow trees because these trees make it easy for them to make dens.

Fisher cats use trunks of trees as homes, both in their infancy and as adults. They may also use rock cavities for dens in the winter. When fisher cats hunt, they zigzag through areas of thick undergrowth to surprise their prey. They are also known to climb trees to search for squirrels, which they eat. Because of this wide variety of activities, fisher habitats must contain hollow trees, thick underbrush and areas on the ground to use as dens. Many forests contain these features, which partly explains the broad geographic range in which fisher cats are found.

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