What are some fish that eat plants?


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Herbivorous (plant-eating) and omnivorous (plant- and meat-eating) fish include damselfish, gobies, parrotfish, rabbitfishes, Nile tilapia and bluefin tuna. Herbivorous and omnivorous fish can be found in both fresh and saltwater.

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There are several species of reef fish that have been observed feeding on plant matter; these include the yellow-and-black moorish idol, which has a long, extended fin and may be recognizable to saltwater aquarium and snorkeling enthusiasts. The bluefin tuna, a large saltwater fish with a voracious appetite, has been observed consuming kelp, though it appears to prefer a carnivorous diet. Piranha are a freshwater fish with a notoriously large appetite; similar to the bluefin tuna, though these fish prefer meat, they have been observed eating plant matter.

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