What are some free fish bone diagrams?


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Microsoft Excel Fish bone Diagram for the 6 Ms, Microsoft Publisher Fishbone Diagram for the 6 Ms and Microsoft Publisher Fish bone Diagram for the 4 Ps are free fish bone diagrams. The excel 6Ms template uses the 6M fish bone diagram variation and is typically used by manufacturing companies, similar to the Microsoft Publisher 6Ms version. The 4Ps Microsoft Publisher diagram is geared towards service industries.

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Fish bone diagrams, or cause and effect diagrams, get their name from their shape and its resemblance to a fish skeleton. Fish bone diagrams are organization tools used to identify and analyze possible causes for a specific event or problem, otherwise known as cause and effect analysis. These diagrams allow teams to organize their thoughts. They also provide a visual display that might lead to more creative ideas.

There are two main fish bone diagram variations: 4Ps and 6Ms. 4Ps fish bone diagrams are designed for use by the service industry. This fish bone diagram variation has branch categories like plants and technologies, policies, people and procedures. Manufacturing industries use the 6Ms fish bone diagram variation. This type of fish bone diagram commonly has branches like machines, manpower or people, methods, environment, materials and measurement.

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