What Is a Fire Belly Toad Tank?


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A fire-bellied toad tank is the terrarium structure, usually a fish tank, that mimics the frog's original habitat. It includes both land and water areas because the fire-bellied toad is semiaquatic.

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The minimum size tank for a fire-bellied toad is 10 gallons. Though the frog doesn't interact well with other animals, due to the toxins secreted by its skin, it does get along with other fire-bellied toads. For every frog in the terrarium, there should be 4 gallons of space. Dry land with vegetation, smooth rocks and hiding places should make up one-third to one-half of the tank's length, while the remainder should be filled with up to 4 inches of water. Fire-bellied toad tanks must have a secure lid because the frogs like to jump.

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