Does a Fire Belly Newt Make a Good Pet?


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A fire belly newt makes a good pet as long as it has a suitable tank, its environment is kept at a moderate temperature and it is fed properly, according to About.com. Fire newts should be kept alone and not housed with other animal species. After handling fire newts, owners should wash their hands thoroughly as the skin of these newts is mildly toxic.

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Does a Fire Belly Newt Make a Good Pet?
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A 20-gallon tank is adequate to house three to four fire belly newts. Although these amphibians are aquatic, they need a space such as a floating piece of wood or a smooth rock on which to rest. Large pieces of smooth gravel and plenty of live plants should line the bottom of the tank. The water should be filtered to help it stay fresh, and the room's temperature should be between 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is much higher, the newts may contract fungal infections. Only dechlorinated water should be used, and at least one-third of the tank water should be changed every few weeks. It is also important to clean the tank regularly.

For food, fire belly newts prefer live or frozen bloodworms, which are readily available at pet shops. They also eat glass shrimp, brine shrimp, chopped earthworms, water fleas, mosquito larvae, guppies and freeze-dried pellets. It is best to purchase food from a pet shop. Wild-caught food may carry diseases and parasites.

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