How Do You Field Dress a Whitetail Deer?

How Do You Field Dress a Whitetail Deer?

To field dress a whitetail deer, poke a knife into the skin at the udder or testicles, and then cut towards the sternum. Remove the entrails, diaphragm, heart and lungs. Cut through the pelvis, and remove the bladder and large intestine. Roll the deer over to dump out blood.

Make sure to wear plastic or latex gloves before proceeding with the dressing. When cutting the deer, ensure that the cut is shallow and only cuts skin deep. Cutting too deep punctures the stomach and makes the job smelly and messy. If the knife in use has a gut hook, pull up from the starting point to the sternum. A gut hook aids in guarding against stomach puncturing.

When removing the entrails, take everything out, and cut out the organs from the body. The large intestine connects to the anus, and so complete removal is impossible. Move it aside until later.

To remove the diaphragm, cut along the inside ribs. The heart and lungs are then visible. Remove the heart and lungs by cutting them out of the body.

Use a pair of pruning shears to cut through the pelvis. The bladder and large intestine are then visible. Cut these away without spilling feces or urine on the animal.