How Do You Field Dress a Deer?

How Do You Field Dress a Deer?

Field dress a deer by cutting out the innards in order to keep the meat untainted. This takes a minimum of 10 minutes. You need a knife.

  1. Cut around the anus

    Tie off the anus with a string to keep the contents from tainting the rest of the deer. Cut around it.

  2. Remove the reproductive organs

    Remove the reproductive organs of the deer if it is a buck. This includes the testicles and penis.

  3. Cut open the stomach

    Cut through the skin on the stomach of the deer. Start at the pelvis, and cut across the stomach to the rib cage, then through the ribs to the breastbone, the neck and around to the base of the skull. Make sure not to cut into the entrails.

  4. Cut the windpipe and esophagus

    Once your are at the base of the skull, cut through the windpipe and esophagus.

  5. Remove the diaphragm

    Cut the diaphragm loose. It is the muscle that sits between the stomach and chest cavity.

  6. Roll the deer over

    Roll the deer to its side and carefully pull out the organs. If you did the cutting correctly, it should be loose.

  7. Remove the bladder

    Reach into the pelvis where the bladder is still intact, and remove it. This is a two handed job; pinch the bladder shut with one hand while cutting it free with the other.

  8. Clean up the stomach cavity

    Clean away any lingering debris from the stomach cavity.