Are Ficus Trees Poisonous to Dogs?


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Ficus trees are toxic to dogs according to the ASPCA. Ingestion causes stomach irritation and vomiting.

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Are Ficus Trees Poisonous to Dogs?
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Ficus trees include many different species, including the fig tree, which produces edible fruits. The trees are native to southern Europe and Asia and thrive in warmer climates. As a result, they are often kept as house plants in many colder parts of the world. Although they are popular and attractive additions to the home, they are dangerous in homes where pets like to munch on greenery. Ficus leaves are toxic to both dogs and cats. In small amounts, the leaves are mildly poisonous and result in irritation and vomiting. Large amounts are potentially fatal. Pet owners who suspect their dogs ingested ficus leaves should seek veterinary attention immediately.

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