Are Ferrets Good Pets?


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Ferrets can make good pets, but they are not a good fit for everyone because ferrets are highly intelligent, curious and love to play with their owners for at least 2 hours each day. People who do not have enough time to devote to playing with their ferrets or who do not want a curious and intelligent animal should not get a ferret.

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Ferrets are a big responsibility as they live anywhere from 7 to 10 years on average and are typically considered high-maintenance pets because they need to be watched constantly. Ferrets are naturally curious and can end up in dangerous situations, so they should never be let outside on their own or left in a room unattended. Rooms in the owner's home will also need to be ferret-proofed with cord protectors on all outlets and any small hazardous objects hidden away.

Ferrets are easy to take care of when it comes to bathing and food. They require regular baths but should not get bathed more than once per month to keep the ferret's natural oils on the body for health purposes. Ferrets also require a special veterinarian who sees ferrets on a regular basis.

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