What Do Feral Cats Eat?

As carnivorous animals, feral cats like to eat small animals, such as mice, rabbits, shrews and voles. They are incredibly adaptable animals however, and can quickly change their food preference when there is a limited supply. Depending on the availability of food resources, the cats occasionally hunt and eat birds and reptiles. Those in urban places typically scavenge garbage containers for food, or rely on people to feed them.

Feral cats are free-roaming cats that live independently. Domesticated cats that have been lost or abandoned tend to become feral and wild to some extent. Though feral cats still come in contact with people sometimes, they show a wild or semi-wild behavior, and they are hard to tame. Feral kittens often live on their own without human contact.

Feral cats wander in various cities in almost all parts of the world. They can survive various kinds of habitat, including deserts and alpine regions. They quickly multiply in environments with food and shelter, particularly restaurant alleys, parks, hospital grounds and barns. Related cats typically live as a group, though they sometimes roam alone when food is scarce. A colony of cats occupying a particular territory defends the area from other cats. Aside from dumpsters and restaurants, feral cats also live beneath porches and in abandoned buildings.