What Are Some Female Tabby Cat Names?

Some common names for female tabby cats include Tabby, Tabs, Tiger Lilly, Tiggus and Tigerfuzz. Tabby cats are known for their colorful stripes and dots, which many people associate with the appearance of tigers, so it’s no surprise that some of the top female names suggested by pet owners on iCatNames play on this observation. Other common names for tabbies include Stripey, Nutmeg, Lemur and Lexi.

Another common name for a female tabby cats is Reese. Named after the peanut butter candy, the reference is best for smaller cats that have a mixture of yellow, orange, brown or black in their coats. The nickname "Pieces" may also be used with a similar effect.

More names that pay homage to the coat of the female tabby cat include Amber, Daisy, Moonshine, Marshmallow and Fluffy. If names that sound similar to the official breed name of the tabby cat are desired, some popular choices are Abigail, Abby and Abbymini.

Food names are also often used for tabby cats. Suggestions are Caramel, Cara, Coco, Candy, Sugar, Chutney, Cookie and Honeybee. If a name that can be both feline and human is desired, Tabitha is a fun option that also plays on the breed name.