What Is the Female Red-Headed Woodpecker?


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The female red-headed woodpecker is a North American bird. The adult bird features a crimson head, a white body and black wings that have white under feathers. It has been said to resemble a checkerboard in flight. The young will have a gray-brown head as they grow into adults.

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These birds don't act like other woodpeckers, and they will hunt insects in the air or on the ground. They also like to eat beach nuts, fruits, seeds and acorns. These birds live in open forests, on tree plantations, in wetlands and in pine savannas. The species population is declining because of their declining habitat. The screech of red-headed woodpecker is more shrill and scratchy in comparison to other woodpeckers.

This medium-sized woodpecker has a powerful beak that is sharp like a knife. It has a round head and stiff tail feathers. They are one of only four woodpecker species that will store food, and they are very territorial. Some may remove the eggs from nests of other birds in their territory. Their feathers are so colorful, the Cherokee Indians would use the bird as a symbol of war. These birds have been known to live as long as nine years.

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