What Are Some Female Puppy Names?


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Some popular names for female puppies are Stella, Coco, Sophie, Molly and Lexi. Foods are often a source of good names like Biscuit, Brownie and Cookie. Often, female puppies are named for their unique features such as Boots, Hazel or Fuzzy. Colors are also great names for puppies like Cinnamon, Khaki or Sienna.

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What Are Some Female Puppy Names?
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Choosing the right name for a puppy is important. A dog's name needs to be short because dogs typically respond to the first one or two syllables. Names like Dot, Abby and Button are good short names. Personality traits offer good options for names like Sassy, Gabby or Cuddles.

Owners sometime choose names that evoke specific feelings, such as biblical names, characters from stories or family names. Terms of affection lend themselves to dogs as well; Sweetie, Sugar, Honey and Sweet Pea are great affectionate names.

History, mythology and classic literature all have fascinating names that work for puppies. Examples of these are Juliet, Ariel, Pippi, Hera, Goldi(locks) and Athena.

Avoid naming a puppy with a name that sounds similar to a command, like May or Brit. Choose a name that won't seem odd when the dog is older like Sprout.

A dog doesn't actually "know" its name, which means it won't be embarrassed by it.

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