What Are Some Female German Dog Names?


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Some female German dog names include Adelaide, Adele, Alice, Beatrix, Bela, Bianka, Brita, Charlie, Claudia, Dame, Emily, Emma, Erica, Frieda, Fritzi, Gisa, Gretel and Heidi. These are some of the most popular German dog names.

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What Are Some Female German Dog Names?
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German dog names can be great for German dog breeds such as the Great Dane, German Spitz or German Shepherd. However, it is also important to consider choosing names that are easy to understand for the dog, notes PetMD. Dogs can best understand names that are relatively short in length and syllables such as "Gretel" or "Emma." It is also recommended to choose names that do not rhyme with other family member's names. For example, do not name a dog "Erica" when another member of the household is named "Jarica." This is more likely to confuse the puppy moving forward.

For dog owners who have purebred dogs, it may be important to first check the American Kennel Club registry online. The dog's German name should have a connection to its AKC name, and the AKC does not allow for more than 37 dogs in each breed to hold a single title. Each AKC name must be less than 50 characters. Most AKC purebred dog names are lengthy, but the pet owner shortens the name at home.

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