What Is a Female Dog Urinary Tract Infection?


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A urinary tract infection can occur in both male and female dogs and is an infection that makes dogs feel lethargic and causes incessant urination, possible backaches and fevers, pain when urinating and even bloody urine, reports the Modern Dog Magazine. The infection itself can be caused from bladder infections, cancer, stones or crystals in the urinary area, stress, trauma, prostrate disease and congenital abnormality, according to WebMD.

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Many dogs that are incontinent due to old age or other medical issues will be more likely to get urinary tract infections because their urinary muscles are weaker, writes WebMD. If an owner thinks that his or her dog has a bladder infection, the dog should be brought into a veterinarian's office for treatment. However, there are also home remedies that can help the infection if the owner wants to spend a few days attempting to solve the problem at home.

One such home remedy is juniper berry. This berry will increase the dog's urination so that the impurities in the urine can leave the body resolving the infection. Cranberries are also used to help keep bacteria from being stuck within the urinary tract reports Modern Dog Magazine. Many pet owners feed tiny amounts of cranberries or cranberry pills to their dogs to prevent urinary tract infections.

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