What Are Some Female Dog Names in Spanish?


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Memorable female dog names in Spanish include Charo, Flamenco, Gazpacho, Reina and Sancha. These names each highlight a distinctive trait of a pet's appearance or personality.

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What Are Some Female Dog Names in Spanish?
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Charo is the stage name of a Spanish comedienne and bombshell known to most American audiences for her spirited appearances on "The Tonight Show." It is a great name for a dog with a long, lighter coat and distinctive elegance. Flamenco is a classic name based on the formal Argentine dance form and suits a female dog whose grace, even as a puppy, is obvious.

Gazpacho is a term for a spicy tomato soup served cold and makes a great name for a dog that has vitality but is also reserved. Reina, which means queen, is a very common Spanish name but should be saved for the kind of dog that struts into a room and owns it. Sancha is derived from the Latin word for "holy" but also brings to mind Don Quixote's loyal, funny and wise squire Sancho Panza, making this a telling name for a family's new loyal companion.

For variations on these or other names, the diminutive can be used, which is very common for Spanish names. The diminutive is formed by replacing the last letter of the name with "ita," so Sancha becomes Sanchita, and so on.

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