What Are Some Female Chocolate Lab Names?

There are many different names that can be chosen for a female chocolate Labradors, but some suggestions include: Autumn, Bella, Biscuit, Cadbury, Candy, Daisy, Ellie, Flower, Gracie, Gypsy, Holly, Jess, Kayla, Labby, Lady Godiva, Mocha and Molly Brown. The name for the dog should be chosen by its owner based on personal preference.

Some people like to name their dogs after food items such as Cocoa, Chip or Marshmallow. Other people like to name their dogs using people names such as Layla, Mary or Amy. Celebrity names could also be used, such as Beyonce or Katy, after Katy Perry. For a chocolate Labrador retriever, an owner might choose to use a name that has something to do with the chocolate color, such as Lady Godiva or Syrup. Labrador retrievers do come in black and yellow colors in addition to the chocolate color.