What Are Feeding Guidelines for Rottweiler Puppies?

feeding-guidelines-rottweiler-puppies Credit: Ariosvaldo Gonz�foles/CC-BY 2.0

Feeding guidelines for Rottweiler puppies follow the same lines as feeding other large breed puppies, which should include puppy food specially formulated for young dogs rather than adult dog food, which does not contain the high amount of nutrients, vitamins and protein that puppy food contains, and then following the directions on the package to determine the proper amount for each feeding. However, the best way to tell if a Rottweiler puppy is receiving the right amount of food is to do a physical test, in which the owner places his or her hands along the spine. If the ribs can be felt but not seen, this is a good indication of health; if the ribs cannot be felt, this is a sign that the dog is overweight and feeding should be reduced.

It is important for puppies to gain the proper nutrients from food. Higher quality puppy food will allow for smaller portions, while lower quality food will require higher amounts in order for the puppy to gain the proper nutrients. Puppy food typically contains more protein and has more vitamins and minerals to nurture growth in the first years than adult dog food. Puppies will eat more often throughout the day, around three or four times, but as the puppy approaches 6 months of age, the feedings should be limited to twice a day. Large breed puppies, like Rottweilers, should be fed to foster a slow, sustained growth rate to avoid joint and bone issues later in life.