What Do You Feed a Labrador Puppy?


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Ready-made pelleted kibble is the appropriate food for a Labrador puppy once it is weaned. It is important to find a quality brand of dog food and to follow its feeding instructions.

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After bringing a Labrador puppy home, it is recommended to continue feeding it the same brand that was supplied by the breeder. Because kibble is a good source of a balanced diet for a growing puppy, it does not need to be supplemented with any other food. After the puppy has settled into a routine, owners can try out other brands of kibble. However, keep in mind that less expensive brands of dog food often contain more fillers, while more expensive brands have higher quality ingredients. The difference in cost might not be as great as it seems, since puppies will need to eat more of the less expensive brands to feel full.

Because puppies are growing constantly, they need frequent meals. In fact, puppies can consume twice the amount of kibble as their adult counterparts, which means means that a Labrador puppy can eat five 8-ounce servings in one day. However, a Labrador puppy should never appear rotund, and its shape should be athletic with a defined waist. To address in-depth diet issues and problems, it is best to consult a veterinarian.

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