What Do You Feed Your Frogs?

feed-frogs Credit: Erik Mattheis/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Frogs prefer to eat live or dead insects such as crickets, flies, waxmoth larvae, slaters, small cockroaches, locusts, moths or bloodworms. These insects can be purchased from a pet store, or they can be caught in the wild and put in the frog's cage.

The frog eats by unfolding its sticky tongue and flipping it out at the target. Frogs prepare for a meal by sitting and waiting for prey to come in range. They have large mouths and huge appetites, and they are known to try and eat anything that fits in their mouths. However, frog owners should not feed a frog too much, as it causes them to become fat and unhealthy. Depending on its size, a frog may only need to be fed three to four times a week.