What Do You Feed a Dog Who Is Experiencing Kidney Failure?

What Do You Feed a Dog Who Is Experiencing Kidney Failure?

Dogs experiencing kidney failure require a diet low in phosphorous and protein. A vet will recommend a good prescription food that fits this description, states Newport Harbor Animal Hospital in Costa Mesa, California.

A low protein diet is necessary because it produces less waste for the kidneys to filter, states Washington State University. Phosphorous in a dog's diet increases in the bloodstream when the kidneys are not functioning well enough to remove it.

Unfortunately, the commercially available dog foods containing less protein are often more expensive than regular foods. However, most vets agree that by feeding a dog this type of food, the owner can greatly increase the pet's quality of life, if not completely eliminate kidney failure. Many dogs live longer with a diet change than they would without it.

Diets low in protein are not as tasty as other foods, so the dog may have a hard time getting used to this type of food. To work around that, dog owners should slowly add in the new food while removing the dog's old food.

For those with the means, a diet for a dog with kidney failure can be homemade. However, it is important that the owner seek the advice of a vet before starting any homemade diet.