How Do You Feed a Boxer Mastiff?

How Do You Feed a Boxer Mastiff?

You can feed your boxer mastiff by choosing a food that you find suitable for its general nutrition needs and specific lifestyle, age and size. Try different foods to see which your mastiff likes.

  1. Choose your food

    Examine pet foods available in nearby stores. All major foods sold in the United States provide the information you need on their packaging. They will also include helpful charts and information on what sort of dog the food is recommended for.

  2. Decide how often to feed

    Puppies should be fed three times a day up to four months of age. For most adults, two meals a day suffices during adulthood.

  3. Figure how much to feed

    Feeding guidelines are on many pet foods and list how much the dog needs according to its age, weight and activity level. Take your boxer mastiff to the vet for a check up to get the most accurate measurements and advice, or simply weigh it at home and make notes of size and weight. Other health concerns and allergies should also be taken into account.