What Do You Feed Bluebirds?


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Bluebirds eat a variety of food, including mealworms, sunflower hearts, suet, cornmeal muffin and softened fruit such as raisins. Mealworms are a particular favorite and are available live, canned or roasted.

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What Do You Feed Bluebirds?
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Serve mealworms in specially designed meal worm feeders or in a shallow dish or container that has smooth sides so the worms can’t crawl out. Encourage the bluebirds to find the worms at the same place and time each day by offering them on a regular schedule.

Supplemental feeding is particularly important during the breeding season. In the spring, when cool, rainy days make it difficult for bluebirds to consistently feed their young, mealworms are an important addition to an insect diet.

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