How Do You Feed a Baby Marmoset Monkey?


Hand-rearing a baby marmoset is an intensive process that requires constant attention. Mentally and physically prepare yourself for the process. Obtain all of the necessary ingredients and equipment before the baby arrives in order to ensure proper health and nutrition.

  1. Gather materials and food

    Gather powdered non-human milk substitutes, such as Primilac, protein multivitamin concentrate, glucose and sterilized water. Locate a feeding spoon or syringe that is very small. It should hold 0.3 to 10 milliliters of solution.

  2. Prepare for numerous feedings

    A baby marmoset eats every two hours for the first three weeks of its life. There will be numerous times to feed during the day, and each meal will be different. Prepare the first few days of meals as close as possible to the expected birth.

  3. Research everything

    As of August 2014, is a great resource. It outlines the feedings and schedule required to hand-rear a baby marmoset. The website also outlines the items needed for each feeding and provides information on which recipes to make.

  4. Prepare a habitat

    Prepare a habitat that's as close as possible to the natural habitat of a baby marmoset, and feed the baby in that environment. Keep the temperature of the habitat between 77 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the monkey's comfort.